The real-time and post-processed data services provide a number of very significant advantages to users over conventional GPS.

  • Hardware Costs:
    • 50% savings over conventional RTK, DGPS, PPK 
    • Requires only one rover receiver and cell phone
  • Efficiency of Deployment:
    • Existing users can split system into two rovers outfitting two crews instead of one
  • Productivity Improvements:
    • Begin your work immediately
    • No need to investigate base station sites
    • Eliminates time setting up and dismantling base station equipment
    • 15-20% increase in productivity compared to conventional RTK systems
  • Ease of Use:
    • Half the system = half the complexity
    • Great for new crews
  • Cable Free:
    • Utilizes Trimble R8 or Trimble 5800 with a Bluetooth equipped cell phone or integrated cell
  • Maintenance:
    • No Base station or radio = approx 50% savings in maintenance costs