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Rover ConfirgurationA mobile internet connection is required to establish the data correction stream from Can-Net. Various mobile cell devices can be used to establish this connection: a data enabled cell phone, a cell modem, a Compact Flash cell card, or an integrated cell module located in the GPS receiver. To date, the most popular mobile connection method has been Bluetooth cell phones because they are affordable, reliable, and relatively easy to integrate. (Not all Bluetooth Cell Phones can act as cell modems with Windows devices so make sure to test prior to purchase).



When searching for cell phones look for good battery life and a rugged platform. Under the Messaging Services see that Modem Functionality is "Yes." This will not guarantee that the phone with function as Bluetooth modem but it is very likely that it will. Ask your cell phone dealer if the phone is Bluetooth Dial-Up-Network i.e. BT DUN compatible.


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