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For those interested in knowing more about Trimble GNSS Infrastructure solutions there is a wealth of knowledge in there published white papers. Please follow the link to all of the Scalable GNSS Infrastructure White Papers.  Below is sample of relevant papers

Network RTK Vs. Single Base RTK - Understanding the Error Characteristics. Detailed analyses explain the reduction of initialization times, improvement in position accuracy and increase in reliability seen in network RTK systems. click here

A New Method to Model the Ionosphere across Local Area Networks. Improved fixing results even during geomagnetic disturbances and for elevation angles as low as 10° click here 

Three and Four Carriers for Reliable Ambiguity Resolution new Factorized Multi-Carrier Ambiguity Resolution (FAMCAR) approach for efficient combination of multi-carrier data to analyze OTF ambiguity resolution performance. click here

Support of Network Formats by Trimble GPSNet Network RTK Solution. click here