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Niagara on the Lake AntennaU.S. Department of Homeland Security & United States Coast Guard
This site contains NANUs - Notice Advisory to NavStar Users which indicated the current status and scheduled outages and maintenance of the GPS system

Russian Space Agency- Information Analytical Centre
The site contains the information concerning the GLONASS and GPS current orbital constellations, Earth maps of the current and daily navigation availabilities, results of the GNSS navigation fields monitoring in Moscow area in a real-time mode and a number of the other data. Specifically this site has GLONASS as well as GPS status information.

Canadian Space Geodesy Forum                             
The   Canadian   Space  Geodesy  Forum  (CANSPACE)  is   a   computer-communications-based  information dissemination and  discussion  group that  was  established  in  1989 as an aid to improving  communication
among  scientists and engineers working with the techniques  of  space geodesy. Messages consisting of news, comments, questions, and answers are  exchanged  among forum participants by means of a LISTSERV  list.
LISTSERV  is  an electronic mail utility that allows a message  to  be "exploded"  (sent simultaneously) to a list of individuals  simply  by sending  the message to the list address. The address of the  Canadian Space Geodesy Forum is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Any  topic  related to the space geodetic techniques  (Navstar  Global Positioning  System  (GPS),  GLONASS,  Galileo,  very  long   baseline interferometry,  satellite laser ranging, satellite  altimetry,  etc.) may  be  discussed. Questions are  particularly  encouraged.  The list features daily postings of GPS satellite constellation status  reports (Department of Defense Notice Advisories to Navstar Users) and reports of significant solar and geomagnetic field activity. Information  concerning  satellite launches is posted   regularly.  Although initially
intended  to  link  Canadian geodesists  and  geophysicists  together, CANSPACE now has a wide  international  subscriber list and is open to all.  Click here to signup to this valuable service.