Ontario Testimonials

 Gamsby Mannerow

Gamsby Mannerow
The ability to employ cellular wireless technology to connect to Can-Net and retrieve RTK precision also rids users of the traditional rover-base station radio link. No radio means no line-of-sight problems, allowing users to increase their coverage range. For Steve Conway, field services manager with civil engineering company Gamsby Mannerow (G&M) in Guelph, clear line-of-sight is particularly important for crews working on busy construction sites where piles of dirt, materials and machinery can interfere with total-station surveying activities. Because G&M is predominantly a total station outfit, Conway appreciates that the Trimble GPS hardware and software employed by Can-Net is compatible with G&M's Trimble 5600 Robotic Total Station System.


Steve Conway, field services manager with Gamsby Mannerow, Guelph, ON

Holstead and Redmond
Based in London Ontario, Holstead and Redmond (H&R), provides a variety of land-related services including topographic surveys, legal surveys, GIS and mapping and utility layout. Patrick Levac, a land surveyor and owner of H&R, finds that using Can-Net has resulted in higher productivity and thus higher profits. His crews are able to complete work faster because they do not have to set up a local base within the VRS network.

Roger Daviau of Holstead and Redmond, London, ON

Kim Husted Surveying
Kim Husted, land surveyor and owner of Kim Husted Surveying Ltd. (KHS) in Tillsonburg, was attracted to Can-Net's ability to reduce time on smaller projects. KHS is a full-service land survey firm and provides legal land surveys for property boundaries, lot grading plans, house layouts and topographic surveys. While Husted found that GPS allowed his crews to work faster at a higher degree of accuracy, they were slowed down by base station set up time, particularly on small job assignments. Can-Net has significantly increased the firm's productivity and accuracy as well as providing considerable cost savings in labour.