Quebec Testimonials
Construction Kiewit Cie


The Quebec construction company Construction Kiewit Cie has distinguished itself by becoming the first user of the Can-Net system in the Montreal area. The company connected to Can-Net mere minutes after the system went online on May 1, 2006. Kiewit had obtained the contract to replace 15 kilometres of rail on a commuter train line. It chose the Can-Net system for its ability to send data over long distances. With Can-Net, the theoretical length of the basic line is “0,” which eliminates errors in parts per million and considerably reduces the initialization time required.
Jean-Pierre Gauthier, a project engineer with Kiewit, explains that the company uses Can-Net for rail alignment.  General excavation work and the changes in the profile of ditches were accomplished in large part in the geometry alignment notebook created with Terramodel. Kiewit was then able to calculate how much fill and cut was needed.
The project would have been a lot more complex using the usual duo of GPS and base station. By connecting to Can-Net using wireless cellular technology to extract accurate RTK data, Kiewit was able to do without the traditional mobile radio-base station link. Kiewit was also able to increase the range of its coverage, because the absence of a radio eliminated the need for line of sight.
Furthermore, Can-Net allowed the company to eliminate layover periods: the user needs a simple subscription to Can-Net, a notebook and a cell phone with Web capability. Once the user activates the receiver and connects to Can-Net’s IP address, the network starts to transmit GPS RTK data. Gauthier also appreciated not having to worry about a base station being stolen when staff is not at work.
Daniel Deschênes, a surveyor with Kiewit, uses the Can-Net system to verify the slope of the ground under traverses.