Can-NetDelivering GPS data for real-time and post-processed applications, the Can-Net Virtual Reference Station Network gives users the greatest precision, the fastest initialization time and the largest coverage area in Canada.

  • 275 Stations across Canada: The Can-Net Virtual Reference Network is the fastest growing positioning network in Canada with over 1,500 active users.

  • Newest firmware, software and hardware. Can-Net customers’ continued support ensures that the latest GNSS infrastructure technologies are deployed. Can-Net has grown to a 5 server system with built-in redundancy, the latest operating software, and continued maintenance.

  • Weathering the Storm: The next 5 years will see an increase in Solar Activity and Ionospheric noise. VRS solutions have advanced real-time Ionospheric correction modeling to significantly reduce errors at the rover due to Solar Wind.
We are pleased to announce a significant upgrade to our national Real Time GPS correction service.

With the implementation of Can-Net 2016, we have made a significant investment in computer servers. Some of the key benefits to our users include:

Increased reliability: Can-Net 2016 is a fully redundant server system. Part of Can-Net 2016 is a detection system to determine if there are any issues with the primary system. In the event of an issue, the system will be switched to the back up system allowing users to re-connect with no changes to their settings.

Federally accredited coordinates: Can-Net 2016 is using co-ordinates calculated, provided and endorsed by the Federal Government for all our base stations.

Increased stability of both the primary and backup systems.